Fake News Backfires and It’s Sure to Make You Laugh

The Deputy Assistant to President Trump, Dr. Sebastian Gorka, took on the face of Fake News, CNN’s Jake Trapper, and exposed him as the quasi-journalist that he is. Dr. Gorka also scored collateral damage on Ben Rhodes, whom Mr. Trapper threw into the fray in an attempt to undercut Dr. Gorka. Look what a fool Trapper turns out to be in this exchange.

As Written By John Nolte for the Daily Wire:

Dr. Sebastian Gorka, a deputy assistant to President Trump, has, of late, been showing Republicans the way to handle our fake news media, most especially CNN. Every time Gorka appears, he ridicules CNN’s Russia-obsession, blasts their addiction to telling lies, mocks their cratering ratings, and basically treats The Least Trusted Name In News with the utter contempt it deserves. Because he has the truth on his side and is equal parts prepared and fearless, Gorka always comes out on top. This was especially true last night when it came to the man we are told is “The Conscience” of the news media, CNN’s Jake Tapper.

First, some background…

In a fawning interview with Tapper at SXSW, Ana Marie Cox referred to Tapper’s “resting bitch face” (you can even Google it!) or the face he uses to express how much he despises pretty much anyone who supports President Trump. Sometimes, though, that face simply cannot stay at rest. Tapper’s loathing spews forth in a fury of snark, which is exactly what happened last week with Gorka.

On Thursday, at the conclusion of a contentious 11-minute interview, where Gorka again and again got the better of his leftwing inquisitor, a visibly frustrated Tapper hurled this cheap shot that, just a few days later, would blow spectacularly up in his and an innocent bystander’s face:………


Fake News Backfire: Dr. Sebastian Gorka Uses Jake Tapper’s Big Mouth to Humiliate Ben Rhodes | Daily Wire

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