Fake News Blacks Out Medal Given to President Trump 

Another thing that the Fake News outlets are good at is not covering the real news if it reflects well upon President Donald Trump. Did you know that the President received a medal this week? Have you heard of the “The Medal of Life?”  The medal was awarded by the International Center for the Defense of Human Life and the citation was written by Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet. Learn more about the heroic Dr. Biscet here.

As Written and Reported By Humberto Fontova for TOWNHALL:

“For the first time in the course of his duties, a U.S. President, Donald Trump, declared his solidarity with members of the March for Life, and officially declared that for the U.S. January 22 stands as National Sanctity of Human Life Day. For that humanitarian gesture in defense of moral-ethical values and the sanctity of life starting at conception the institutions International Center for the Defense of Human Life and the Lawton Foundation for Human Rights have the honor of awarding President Donald Trump their highest award: “The Medal of Life.” 

Don’t bother looking for this in the Mainstream Media, amigos. Best I can do is link it in Spanish.

The notice was written by Honorary President of the International Center for the Defense of Human Life Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet. The Center, known by its Spanish initials CIDEVIDA, is headquartered in Valladolid, Spain.

But most of you have never heard of Dr. Biscet, have you, amigos? And yet he’s human rights activist and former political prisoner who suffered tortures Nelson Mandela never even envisioned in his worst nightmares from his (relative) country club incarceration in apartheid South Africa.

In fact, Dr. Biscet suffered this jailing and tortures just 90 miles from our shores, in a place absolutely lousy with Fake News Media “news” bureaus and positively crawling with Fake News Media “reporters.”

Gosh? What could possibly account for this grotesque disconnect between these dramatic, potentially blockbuster……


President Trump Wins ‘Medal of Life’ From Int’l Human Rights Group (But Fake News Media Blacks Out News) – Humberto Fontova

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