Fake News May Now Have a Price Tag

In this report, the Brian Ross ABC News report about the Michael Flynn plea deal was totally bogus. It was fake news at its finest. Mr. Ross has been suspended and ABC news has had to correct the news item as well as make apologies. That may not be enough. The Stock Market took a plunge after this report.

The president noted it and told stock shareholders to hold ABC News accountable. Is this something that can be done? There could be a good class action suit buried in this scandal. ABC News may be a lot more careful, not to mention the Special Counsel team.

As Written By Thomas Lifson for the American Thinker:

People lost money thanks to Brian Ross moving the market with his false reporting. He’s been suspended, but will we see lawsuits against him and ABC on behalf of investors who lost money?

Update: as this was being published, President Trump just recommended they do so — on Twitter (of course):

For background, here is what happened, via Streiff at  Red State:

ABC news ran a story that clearly implied that, before November 8, 2017, Donald Trump had ordered Michael Flynn to contact the Russians for some unknown purpose. The purpose was hinted at as being nefarious as, according to the story, Flynn was going to squeal to Mueller about it.

This was not just any story. The Dow Jones noticed immediately, dropping 300 points following the time this story…….


ABC may discover the price of fake news

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