FBI Agents Assigned to Hillary Email Case Did What?

Highly suspect but not at all surprising. The FBI agents assigned to investigate the Hillary Clinton email server have signed a “Case Briefing Acknowledgment” form. Why is this odd? Because in matters such as this and who it has to do with. It is also very rare. Read more below.



As Written By John Crudele, Daniel Halper and Jamie Schram for The New York Post:

In an unusual move, FBI agents working the Hillary Clinton email case had to sign a special form reminding them not to blab about the probe to anyone unless called to testify. Sources said they had

Sources said they had never heard of the “Case Briefing Acknowledgment” form being used before, although all agents must initially sign nondisclosure agreements to obtain security clearance.

“This is very, very unusual. I’ve never signed one, never circulated one to others,” said one retired FBI chief…..

Keep Reading the Full Story Here:

FBI agents signed NDA for matters involving Hillary’s emails | New York Post

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