FBI Director James Comey Wielding Immense Power

Did you think it strange that FBI Director James Comey made the transition from the Obama administration to the Trump administration? Think about how many Presidents that former Director, J. Edgar Hoover served. Why did no one fire Hoover? He had the power of the FBI behind him, that’s why. James Comey may be today’s newer more powerful version. What do you think?

As Written by Michael Goodwin for the New York Post:

Each day, FBI director Jim Comey goes to work in a federal building named for his most famous predecessor. Yet for all his storied accomplishments and sordid controversies, J. Edgar Hoover never matched the singular feat of Comey.

Only Comey simultaneously investigated the top two presidential candidates during an election. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump each battled Comey last year while they battled each other for the Oval Office.

How’s that for power?

Neither case led to charges, but that’s almost beside the point. Echoing Hoover’s attitude, if not his methods, Comey is adept at using innuendo and leaks to remind the powerful that he cannot be ignored. The prerogative to investigate, and the willingness to feed a scandal-hungry media, is close to being God in politics, and Comey plays the role with relish.

We are witnessing a prime example. Not long after President Trump claimed that former President Barack Obama “had my ‘wires tapped’ in Trump Tower,” anti-Trump media outlets got a scoop: Comey was demanding a Justice Department statement ­declaring Trump’s charge……


FBI chief Comey asserting power like no one in history | New York Post

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