FBI Employee Arrested for Espionage

Twitchy brought up a very valid point when reporting this latest breaking espionage story.  The Federal Bureau of Investigations actually arrested a New York FBI employee for espionage. Where was this same federal agency during certain evaluations of emails and visits to foreign countries for a certain former secretary of state? You have to wonder how this guy is now in jail and the other is walking free.


As Written By Joe Valiquette for NBC News:

An electronics technician working in the FBI’s New York City office since 1997 has been charged with making false statements to the FBI regarding contacts with Chinese foreign nationals, prosecutors say.

Kun Shan Chun (also known as Joey Chun) is named in a four-count complaint issued in March and unsealed Monday in federal court in Manhattan. He pleaded guilty to the complaint, which charges him with four counts of making false statements related to his foreign contacts.

Chun’s public defender said his client was ready to acknowledge what he had done……..

Full Story is here: NBC News

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