FBI Twitter Account Document Dump Prompts INVESTIGATION?!

The FBI is now in the position of investigating itself over its  own Twitter account. This FBI Twitter account had been dormant for a while and then suddenly it started releasing some old news that pertains to the current election. Now the FBI maintained that it is all legal and above board. If that is so, then what needs to be investigated? Maybe their boss is demanding answers. Maybe we shuld have some answers. Read this and draw your own conclusion.

As Written by Cathy Burke for Newsmax:

The FBI is reportedly investigating one of its own Twitter accounts after a massive document dump, including one that flatteringly describes Donald Trump’s father as a “philanthropist” and another dealing with former President Bill Clinton’s controversial pardon of Marc Rich.

The FBI Records Vault account had been dormant for more than a year when in the predawn hours of Oct. 30, the flood of documents began pouring out on the social media platform, ThinkProgress reported.

The account has been silent since then.

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