Federal healthcare officials said verifying Obamacare enrollees’ identities was irrelevant

When it comes to Obamacare payments, it appears to be a come one, come all, proposition. You do not need to be a citizen. It is OK to be an inmate in a prison. It is okay that you do not have any form of identification. All you have to do is claim to be sick and the taxpayer will pick up the tab. That is what your Obamacare admin is doing with your tax dollars. The tune is hundreds of millions of dollars.

As Written by Kathryn Watson for the Daily Caller:

Obamacare health exchanges gave more than $100 million in tax credit payments to non-tax filers without checking their identities, and $22 million in tax credits to documented inmates and illegal immigrants.

Federal healthcare officials said verifying Obamacare enrollees’ identities was irrelevant.

A new Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) report found state and federal Obamacare exchange officials gave $112 million in advanced premium tax credit payments to more than 35,000 people who didn’t file a tax return in 2014, despite being required to do so.

Exchange officials also gave $21.8 million in tax credit payments to more than 11,000 non-filers the verification process revealed were here illegally or incarcerated, relying on applicants’ statements that they weren’t in prison instead of federal……


Obamacare Officials Literally Do Not Care | The Daily Caller

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