Four Star Officers On The Chopping Block!?

There is an item in the Armed Forces budget to reduce the number of Four Star officers in the ranks.

It is easy to fall into the agrument that we need fewer Chiefs and more Indians. The rationale is that they will trade off for more troops. The numbers do not add up. It is no savings by a long shot. What it may turn out to be is a brain drain. 

four star

 As Written By Leo Shane III at Military Times: 

House lawmakers want more troops in the ranks but fewer four-stars to lead them.

The proposal is part of sweeping personnel reforms included in the House Armed Services Committee draft of the annual defense authorization bill, unveiled Monday. It’s also a rebuke of what some congressional leaders see as “top-heavy command headquarters” with more support staff than they need.

To solve that, the bill includes a requirement to dump at least five of the 38 four-star posts across the armed services in coming years — the Coast Guard commandant would not be included in the list — and ensure that subordinate commanders within combatant commands serve at a grade no higher than three stars.

“The committee remains concerned that a top-heavy chain of command within the combatant commands adds unnecessary headquarters staff, adds distance and layers between commanders and warfighters, and slows decision making and agility of command,” the authorization bill’s report states.

Defense Secretary Ash Carter has already suggested culling the total number of top-rank officers, but without proposals as specific as the House committee now has laid out.

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