Fired Google Employee Discovers ‘Underground Conservative Network’ 

There is a Fifth Column operating within Google and they are conservatives. This group of conservatives has to stay on the down-low to keep their jobs. To be anything but a liberal at Google is just asking for a pink slip. They must be very careful. So, what is this Fith Column up to within the walls of Google? Documenting, my dear Watson, documenting. This will be an interesting development. Read how.

As Written By Robert Kraychik for the Daily Wire:

An “underground conservative network” exists among Google employees who hide their political orientations for fear of reprisal from their employer, said James Damore last Wednesday in an interview with Joe Rogan.

More broadly, conservatives and other dissidents across Silicon Valley are surreptitiously documenting leftist practices — some seemingly violative of federal non-discrimination laws — for unspecified purposes, added Damore, and assorted leftists — some operating independently and others at the direction of large technology companies — are allegedly seeking to infiltrate the aforementioned “underground conservative network” to expose its participants.

Partial transcript below (relevant portions at 1:19:52 and 1:58:35):

DAMORE: A lot of people have been doing this. There’s some underground efforts within Google to at least document some of this, because while the [underground operators] may not be the majority, they’re sort of a silent coalition within Google that’s sort of upset about a lot of this.

ROGAN: That’s interesting. So there are some conservative people that work at Google.

DAMORE: Yes. There’s definitely more than zero.

ROGAN: More than zero. Is it like 20%?

DAMORE: It may be [20%], or even lower. I think there are a lot of libertarians [at Google], so that would be the main counter to the extreme left … the main retributions against people are the social conservatives, and they feel completely alienated. So it’s really unfortunate for them.

But there’s at least hundreds of [conservatives at Google]. ……….


Fired Googler Damore: ‘Underground Conservative Network’ In Silicon Valley | Daily Wire

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