Five Reasons You Should Go See Unfair IRS Exposed the Movie

The IRS has been a force of deception, lies and treachery. The production of this documentary will be more than rehashing all the things that you have already heard in the news and watched in the hearings.  We have compiled five of the most important reasons, in no particular order, on why you need to see Unfair IRS Exposed movie.

  1. It will shed light on the massive damages imposed on taxpayers with fact based evidence provided by actual citizens. It will tell the actual stories of betrayal and mass intimidation by the IRS
  2. If you are for the Flat Tax or the Fair Tax, the deception by this Federal Agency is corrupt. You will hear actual first hand accounts from Tea Party Leaders, Radio Talk Show Hosts, Congressman, Senators and more who have first hand information and accounting of being targeting and where they are now.
  3. Your Constitutional rights are being scrapped away by the IRS. This film will help inform you of your rights as a taxpayer. Equal Protection, due process, freedoms and natural rights.
  4. A Real solution to the problems we are facing from the IRS, not just to scare you.
  5. Liberty, Freedoms, Businesses, Family, Religion, Charity: If these mean anything to you, you must take the time to go see this film.

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