FL Republicans getting wise to Islam & CAIR! Hassan Shibly Attacks Adam Hasner and Allen West

By Randy McDaniels of Colony Rabble

Is the Republican Party becoming wise to the tactics of CAIR and the true nature of the Islamic Movement in America?

If so, I think Floridians in particular owe a great deal of gratitude to the bold leadership of Congressman Allen West and former House Majority Leader and Senate Candidate Adam Hasner, as well as groups like ACT! for America, The United West, and the SIOA.

Thanks to the near “Rock Star” status of Congressman Allen West and his ACCURATE historical knowledge of Islamic conquest, many in the nation are hearing truths which are often suppressed in the mainstream media, whitewashed in public school textbooks, and until recently, would never have been discussed by PC Politicians, men guilty of malfeasance due to their unwillingness to fulfill their oaths to protect the constitution from all enemies foreign or domestic.

Adam Hasner, has been leading the charge on this issue for over five years, sounding the alarm about political Islam, the Muslim Brotherhood in America and their self identified goal of implementing an Islamic Legal System (Sharia Law) in place of the US Constitution.


CAIR's - Hassan Shibly


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