Florida CD22 NO Lois Frankel “Here’s a few reason’s why” – Re-Elect Allen West

Lois Frankel quotes don’t exactly make her sound so great as a candidate? Frankel, you’ll recall, is the former West Palm Beach Mayor and one of two Democrats running for the honor of taking on Allen West (the other is CPA Patrick Murphy — aka “no not that” Patrick Murphy). WHO?

Anyhow, this is what I’m talking about:

Since joining the race, Frankel has refused to say whether she would have supported “Obamacare” telling WFLX when asked in an interview, “I can’t answer that question right now because as a Congresswoman you have to take the people’s pulse.” She also demurred when given the chance to offer support for the stimulus bill the President pushed through Congress telling WPTV television viewers, “there were a number of stimulus bills… instead of looking back look forward.”

And perhaps most frustrating to anti-war Democrats was her interview with liberal south Florida radio host Nicole Sandler where she refused to say whether we should withdraw from Iraq and Afghanistan or whether she supported US involvement in Libya telling the host, “I have the luxury of not having to weigh in right now” and “the world is so complicated and so chaotic… it’s hard to keep up each day with various rioting revolutions throughout the region.”

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