Florida Democrats Still Obsessed With Allen West 

The Shark Tank by Javier Manjarres Reports:

Democrats continue their obsession with former Congressman Allen West (R) as the two Democratic Senate candidates in Florida, Reps Alan Grayson and Patrick Murphy, are quick to reference West in their attacks against one another.

Grayson says that Murphy only beat West in 2012 because he ran a Republican-like congressional campaign.

In reality, Murphy ran a winning very middle-of-the-road and safe campaign against West because his congressional district leans Republican, but only after Supervisors of Elections in the three counties that are nestled in that congressional district, recounted the final ballots.

Voter fraud was suspected to have helped Murphy beat West, and those suspicions were later thrust back into the political discourse, as one of Murphy’s campaign consultants was convicted of committing voter fraud in another congressional campaign he was working on during the same 2012 election cycle.

A prominent Democratic strategists close to Murphy have stated that West won the race for Murphy when he continued to batter Murphy over an arrest when he was 19-years-old. This same Democrat said that it was a logical move for Murphy to avoid re-election to this congressional seat, because he would “eventually” lose to Republican in a Republican-leaning seat.


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