Fmr CIA Officer: San Bernardino Shooting Resembles Middle East Attacks 

Former CIA case officer Robert Baer told CNN that the San Bernardino shooting  was carried out using tactics employed in the Middle East.

Robert Booker “Bob” Baer is an American author and a former CIA case officer who was primarily assigned to the Middle East.

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Written By Adelle Nazarian for Breitbart:

Speaking on CNN’s Out Front with Erin Burnett Wednesday, former CIA case officer Robert Baer said the most “disturbing” aspect of the deadly San Bernardino shooting is that it was carried out using tactics that are employed in the Middle East.

“What I don’t like about this shooting is multiple shooters… IEDs… I say this very reluctantly, but this has the hallmarks of the sort of attacks you see in the Middle East,” Baer said.

Former FBI special agent Robert Chacon agreed with Baer’s assertions later on in the show.

The shooting began around 11 a.m. Pacific time when several suspects opened fire at a conference center where a holiday party was reportedly being held. One suspect was killed and another is at large. There are 14 reported deaths so far and 14 injured victims.

Pipe bombs were also found in the area around the …



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