Former AG Loretta Lynch Is Lying

Loretta Lynch was interviewed recently where she talked about the infamous tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton while the Hillary email and server issues were being investigated. Until now Ms. Lynch has pretty much stayed with the storyline that all that was discussed in the coincidental meeting were grandkids and stuff like that. That story just got revised. She just stated that they also discussed current events. Let this article explain to you just what that meant.

As Written and Reported By Jazz Shaw for Hot Air:

When we learned of the interview that Lester Holt had with former Attorney General Loretta Lynch, our own Mr. Morrissey raised a few pertinent questions regarding just how much truth was being revealed. You’ll recall that Lynch’s original story was that she and President Bill Clinton only talked about “golf and grandchildren” during their infamous meeting on the Tarmac in 2016. But when talking to Holt, she expanded on that a bit, saying they also discussed, “issues of the day” such as Brexit.

Here was Ed’s rather polite analysis of that claim.

Until now, we’ve mainly heard that the conversation stuck to stories about grandchildren and personal topics. Bear in mind that the issues of the day in June 2016 mainly concerned the election season that was underway. We know by now that the FBI and DoJ had grown concerned over potential Russian interference in the process and had begun a probe into that as well. The news of the DNC hack broke on June 14th; the tarmac meeting took place around two weeks later. Wouldn’t any of that been among the “issues of the day” on the minds of the Clintons? And wouldn’t that have been of much more interest than Brexit?

All due respect to Ed for the restraint he was exhibiting, but I’m not sure such restraint is actually called for here. The Washington Times….


Can we just say it? Loretta Lynch is lying


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