Former CIA Director SLAMS Obama

Former CIA Director James Woolsey took a cut at the Obama administration and its lack of action involving Russia messing with the election. Mr. Woolsey is a former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency under President Bill Clinton. He is most noted for having had only two meetings with President Clinton during his entire tenure. Woolsey joined as a senior adviser to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in September 2016. He resigned on January 5 amid Congressional hearings into cyber attacks and public statements by Donald Trump critical of the United States Intelligence Community. As far as the Russian hacking, Woolsey says that the Obama admin knew about the hacking, but that it seems like they were frozen in place. He is not the only person to say this as you will read below. 

As Written By Todd Beamon for Newsmax:

Former CIA Director James Woolsey on Friday slammed the Obama administration’s response to Russia’s election hacking last year, likening it to the inaction surrounding Syria’s use of chemical weapons against its citizens in 2012.

“What the president did was precisely as decisive and effective as what he did with respect to trying to get the Syrians not to use chemical weapons on their own population,” Woolsey told Brooke Baldwin on CNN, referring to President Barack Obama. “He drew a red line and he ignored it.”

Woolsey, who served under former President Bill Clinton, was referring to a report in The Washington Post the Obama White House had solid proof of the Kremlin’s involvement, but internal wrangling led to the “modest” response of expelling 35 diplomats and closing two compounds in the U.S.

One former Obama official lamented the actions, telling the Post: “I feel like we sort of choked.”

Woolsey has served three other……..


James Woolsey Rips Obama’s Response to Moscow Hacking

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