Former CIA Officer: Intel agencies leaks against Trump must be investigated

After you read down through this article you will agree that Intel agency leaks must be investigated. This is a case of connecting the dots and seeing who has an axe to grind. Former FBI Director James Comey seems to be popping up in all the analogies.

It is now seen that Mr. Comey said that he knew how to play the game in Congress. He gave them little tidbits of secure information, knowing that they would immediately leak it to the press. This is how he manipulated the system and got a Special Counsel appointed. He knew it would happen. Read how he managed this.

As Written By Bryan Dean Wright for fox News:

With special counsel Bob Mueller filing charges against Trump associates Paul Manafort and Rick Gates this week, a divided country is quickly moving on from last week’s controversy of the “Steele Dossier.”

The scandalous series of memos – which contained allegations of treason and impropriety by then-candidate Trump and his campaign – took on renewed life after it was confirmed that the document was little more than a political hit job paid for by both Democratic and Republican operatives.

But while the headlines may shift, Mueller’s attention to a dossier-related scandal must not. Indeed, the dossier is almost certainly connected to the most audacious crime of the 2016 campaign.

America’s senior law enforcement and intelligence officials were directly involved in the targeting of a democratically elected president for political assassination.

Here’s how.

Recall that the dossier first gained widespread attention and credibility after then CIA Director John Brennan, DNI Director James Clapper, and FBI Director James Comey briefed a summary of the document to a small group of D.C. leaders, including President Obama and then President-elect Trump.

Knowledge of the classified briefing leaked in the press shortly thereafter…….


Ex-CIA officer: Mueller also needs to investigate US intel’s attempts to damage Trump | Fox News

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