Former Clinton Adviser Storms off Fox News In Pitiful Rant [Video]

[VIDEO] Simon Rosenberg stormed off of a FOX News broadcast promising never to come back. He will be missed, I am sure. It seems that if they are not softball questions and the hist demands an answer, you can get mad, get up, and get going. Obviously, he had issues with the questions.

Just who is Rosenberg? Besides being a Clinton adviser way back when, this is what the NDN webpage has to say:

President, NDN (New Democrat Network) and the New Policy Institute, a think tank based in Washington, DC

An experienced television news producer and highly regarded political strategist and thinker, Simon has spent three decades in national media and politics. He is a veteran of two Presidential campaigns, including a leading role in the famous 1992 Clinton War Room. In his current capacity as President of NDN/New Policy Institute, Simon advises leading politicians, Administration officials and policy makers on a wide range of issues here in the United States and abroad. He is a frequent commentator in the national media, appearing regularly in major newspapers and websites, political journals and on cable and network television. A few years ago GQ magazine named him of the 50 most powerful people in Washington, and he currently writes a weekly column on American politics for US News and World Report.


As Written By Carlos Garcia for The Blaze:

A heated debate between a Fox News host and a former Clinton advisor ended up with the latter saying he would never appear on the show again.

Simon Rosenberg objected to host Melissa Francis framing her question to ask what Democrats could change in the Trump tax plan to make it more palatable to them.

“I don’t think that’s the issue, Melissa,” he said before being interrupted immediately by Francis. “We’re not gonna do talking points!” she exclaimed.

“It’s not talking points,” he responded, “I actually understand what they’re proposing and I don’t think Democrats are going to support a bill that dramatically cuts taxes for very wealthy people, drives up the deficit…”

“Well you’re doing talking points,” Francis interrupted again.

“No I’m not doing talking points,” she said, “it’s insulting that you say that to me as if I don’t actually understand what I’m saying and can do my own analysis about the economy.”

“But you’re not answering the…….


Former Clinton advisor angrily walks out of Fox News debate over Trump tax plan – TheBlaze

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