Former Clinton campaign manager has some bad news for democrats

James Carville is one of my least-liked Democrats, even when he is saying things that make sense or are things I agree with. In this interesting bit, he assesses the chances that his party will win back the Senate. There are some interesting numerical reasons that he sees the way things will fall for the Senate seats. It is not good for him, it seems. From there Mr. Carville sneers he way to the House races and he sees some sunlight there. I don’t know why, but he is politically astute sometimes. Finally, he sees a real horse race for the Presidental nomination and mentions some names that will send shivers up and down your spine. God forbid.

As Written By Mark Moore for the New York Post:

James Carville, former President Clinton’s campaign manager, said it would be “ver y, very” difficult for Democrats to win control of the Senate in 2018 because the party is without a leader.

” If a party is out of power, and we don’t have a presidential candidate, there is no one going to be in charge until sometime in 2020 ,” Carville told John Catsimatidis on the “Cats Roundtable” radio show on 970 AM . “Right now most Democrats are trying to focus on the 2018 election . ”

” I would say we have a pretty good chance of taking the House back. The Senate is very , very difficult ,” he said. “I think there is good chance, maybe a 50% chance , the Democrats win the House,” he said. “In the Senate [the chances] are substantially less . ”

“The problem in the Senate is we have a large number of seats we have to hold in states that Donald Trump carried. Indiana, Missouri, you know, places like that we have to hold seats,” Carville said.

T he GOP holds a …


Bill Clinton’s former campaign manager doesn’t think Dems can win back Senate | New York Post

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