Former Clinton Spox Called Out Over Dossier By CNN [Video]

[VIDEO] There was a lot of money spent by and during the Clinton campaign and somebody knew who was getting what. When it comes to money, somebody always knows the balance sheet. In a well-run organization, the person at the top has the control, the knowledge, and the need to know about expenditures.

That brings us to Hillary Clinton claiming she read about the Russian dossier at the same time the Deplorables did. Is she that bad a manager? Then we dodged a bullet by passing her by. What do you think? Bovine Excrement comes to mind.

As Written By Matt Vespa for Townhall:

Well, the secret is out: The Hillary Clinton campaign, along with the Democratic National Committee, funded the unverified Trump dossier. Clinton and DNC lawyer Marc Elias hired research firm Fusion GPS, who then retained the services of former MI6 operative Christopher Steele to gather information on Trump from sources within the Kremlin. Former Clinton spokesperson Brian Fallon took to social media when the news was revealed last week, noting that he would have helped Steele gather information and held a James Comey-style press conference, like the one the ex-FBI director held during the Hillary email probe, to unveil its contents.

Many have noted that paying money to hire a firm that uses an ex-spy to gather information on one’s political opponent from foreign sources is textbook collusion. Also, last week, Fallon, putting on his campaign spokesperson hat tried to say that the hiring of Fusion GPS by the Clinton campaign was different from Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting in June of 2016 with members supposedly speaking on behalf of the Russian government.

CNN’s Poppy Harlow, who has been know to push back against unsubstantiated claims spewed by liberals on her show, threw Fallon’s words back at…..


Ex-Clinton Spox: Yeah, Someone From The Hillary Campaign Had To Have Known About Dossier Payments – Matt Vespa

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