Former Ethics Director Goes On The Attack Against Kellyanne Conway

Who is this former director of the Office of Government Ethics and why does he have it in for Kellyanne Conway. Ms. Conway is the President’s trusted advisor. Is this an attempt to marginalize her and keep her from doing her job for the president?

This is the second time that Walter Shaub has filed against Kellyanne. This time he is accusing her of violating the Hatch Act. As you read this article you will see what a stretch that might be to make that case. Shaub is an outspoken critic of President Trump so the bet is on that this is all politics.

As Written By John Bowden for The Hill:

A former director of the Office of Government Ethics announced Thursday that he is filing a second ethics complaint against White House counselor Kellyanne Conway over Conway’s repeated statements about the Alabama Senate race.

Walter Shaub said that he would file his second complaint against Conway in a month after he says she appeared to violate the Hatch Act with her statements against Democrat Doug Jones, who is running against controversial GOP candidate Roy Moore for Alabama’s Senate seat.

“The willfulness of Conway’s violation and her openly expressed disdain for efforts to hold her accountable for complying with ethics requirements make clear that anything less than removal from the federal service or a lengthy unpaid suspension will not deter future misconduct on her part,” Shaub said in a statement Thursday.

The Campaign Legal Center, where Shaub is a senior director, added in the statement that Conway should “be removed from office or given a lengthy suspension without pay” over the perceived violations.

The Hatch Act bars federal officials from trying to influence elections.

Shaub’s statement comes after Conway on Wednesday reiterated President Trump‘s endorsement of Moore while attacking…..


Ex-Ethics director to file second ethics complaint against Conway | TheHill



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