Former FBI agent accuses the leadership of having become corrupted

Jim Kallstrom is a former FBI Agent and was interviewed by American Thinker reporter Elias Cooper. Thi interview discusses the actions of the key players in the Russian collusion investigation. The actions of former Director James Comey and Special Counsel Robert Mueller are put under the microscope. What is seen is not a pretty picture of the FBI. Here are the sordid details.

As Written and Reported By Elise Cooper for the American Thinker:

On May 17, 2017, former FBI director Robert Mueller was appointed as special counsel to investigate the supposed Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.  Now, over a year and a half later, this has become the equivalent of the Energizer battery that keeps going on and on forever.  Not only is it apparent that there is no prosecutable collusion case, but what the investigation has proven is that the world’s finest law enforcement agency, the FBI, has become blemished, stained, and tainted.  The Mueller probe and the FBI leadership have become contaminated by an anti-Trump bias, improper leaks, and text messages between senior FBI officials showing their own form of collusion.  American Thinker interviewed Jim Kallstrom, the former assistant director in charge of the FBI office in New York and a twenty-eight-year veteran of that agency, on his views.

The political attitude of some in the FBI led to an investigation started by then-FBI director James Comey on March 20, 2017.  Kallstrom says, “I personally don’t understand why there is a special counsel at all, because the statute is very clear that there needs to be a criminal element.  This was started as a counterintelligence investigation, so there was no legal justification to have a special counsel.  It also states very clearly that there should be no conflict of interest.  Bob Mueller took the position even though he was a close friend of James Comey.  Now this investigation is about two years old, and there is no evidence of collusion.  I am saddened that the FBI has played a role in perpetrating this falsehood.”

Having served with him on his advisory board for a number of years, Kallstrom always thought of Mueller as an “honest and a forthright guy, even though I did not agree with a lot of his policies.  For example, he changed the managing of……


The FBI and Collusion: An Inside View

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