Former House Intel Chair Unloads on Democrats Ignoring HUGE Abuse of Power

Peter Hoekstra, the former chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, said that the Democrats are ignoring a critical bipartisan issue affecting national security. If the intelligence community has become politicized, as the unmasking of citizens indicates, then we have a serious problem in our government. The Democrats need to bypass the Russian smokescreen and see the really 1000 lb Gorilla in the room.

As Written by Brendan Kirby for Lifezette: 

Hoekstra says ‘unmasking’ should be bipartisan scandal, ‘breaks the trust’ with intelligence community

The former chairman of the House Intelligence Committee on Friday defended the panel’s current embattled chief and said Democrats are dramatically underplaying the seriousness of evidence the previous administration abused national security information.

Peter Hoekstra, who was the top Republican on the committee from 2004 to 2011, said on “The Laura Ingraham Show” that overreach by the intelligence community used to be a bipartisan concern.

“The Left, actually, and the conservatives can say, ‘We were right in the 2000s after 9/11,’” he said. “We were concerned about the expansion of, you know, the information data collection by the intelligence community.”

Hoekstra said critics warned massive collection of information could be turned against Americans.

“It looks like that may be exactly what happened in the last, you know, few months of the Obama administration,” he said. He was referring to……


Former House Intel Chair: Democrats Ignoring ‘Huge Abuse of Power’ | LifeZette

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