Former Maj. General, U.S. Ambassador to Kenya “forced out” of job by hypocrite Hillary Clinton

Former Major General and U.S Ambassador to Kenya “resigned” citing differences with Washington over his leadership style in June of 2012. The following you are about to read and watch is a slightly different story.


An internal 2011 State Department cable, obtained by Fox News, shows that then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s office told employees not to use personal email for security reasons — while at the same time, Clinton conducted all government business on a private account.

Sent to diplomatic and consular staff in June 2011, the unclassified cable, bearing Clinton’s electronic signature,  made clear to employees they were expected to “avoid conducting official Department business from your personal e-mail accounts.” The message also said employees should not “auto-forward Department email to personal email accounts which is prohibited by Department policy.”

The cable underscores that government policy strongly discouraged officials from using personal email and violators faced disciplinary action, even though Clinton for years relied exclusively on hers – and her own server — to conduct official business. The White House, without condemning Clinton’s activities, has made clear that employees were urged to use government accounts.



The Daily Caller Noted the Following:

The U.S. ambassador to Kenya was forced out in 2012 after an inspector general report showed managerial incompetence, including his use of a private email system to evade agency rules.

The ambassador’s boss, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, also used her own private email system.

Many of the report’s criticism of the ambassador also apply to Clinton’s use of her own-mail system, which was installed in her home without the usual anti-hacker and record-keeping capabilities required by agency rules.

The Kenya ambassador revelation exposes Clinton to additional charges of hypocrisy, along with the rising claims that she violated ethical norms and legal requirements.

The ambassador, Scott Gration, resigned in June 2012, shortly before the critical report was published.

Read their full report here

Ambassador to Kenya “forced out” of job by hypocrite Hillary Clinton


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