Former Obama Deputy National Security Advisor FURIOUS Over Trump’s Cuba Rollback

President Donald Trump is keeping many promises and undoing a lot of wrongs that were made during the Obama administration. He’s also looking our for America’s best interesting by making sure we get the best deal possible when we try to work with other countries… and such is the case with the Cuba deal.


As Written By Monica Showalter for American Thinker:

There’s nothing so pathetic as an overblown ego in meltdown.  And in the case of President Obama’s former “mind meld” and deputy national security adviser, Ben Rhodes, it’s the rage of an ego whose legacy is being hosed away as bad rubbish.  Infuriated at President Trump’s rollback of all the goodies to the Cuban regime laid out at his direction by the Obama administration – Rhodes has whipped out the totalitarian cudgel on his Twitter feed, demanding that any Cuban who opposes his succoring of the Castro regime be “held accountable.”

The few people in Miami enabling Trump in carrying out this charade should be embarrassed/ held accountable. He could care less about Cubans

— Ben Rhodes (@brhodes) June 16, 2017

Held accountable?

For what?  Opposing President Obama’s doing the stadium wave with a fifty-year military dictatorship and its murderous aging dictator?

Or is it this shot of glory for the U.S.’s international standing?

Or is it most likely that Rhodes’s real problem is that Cuban exiles who have fled the horrors of communism and endured many losses are a problem to him, a standing rebuke to his party-time-with-Castro policy and thus inconveniences in the way of his “progress” and “the future” (to use the smarmy commie logic he uses) and therefore, in the Stalinist style, necessarily “non-persons”?

Or is it the horrible reality that the policy has failed?  Dissident beatings are up.  The Cuban military’s coffers are filled.  The Cuban secret police’s coffers are…….


Blog: Ben Rhodes looking to hold anti-Castro Cubans ‘accountable’

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