Former Obama Press Secretary Has a Theory About Why Hillary Clinton Lost

Robert Gibbs has weighed in on the Hillary Clinton debacle and post-mortem. There have been a lot of reasons floated as the Clinton Camp looks for something or someone to nlame. FBI Director James Comey was first up, followed by racists, the media (really?) and all kinds of -phobes. Never has the focus been inward. I guess that the vast right wing conspiracy has finally had the last say. Or…. Maybe it was the economy.

As Written By Charlie Spierling for Breitbart:

Robert Gibbs: It Wasn’t Racism, Hillary Lost Because She Had No Economic Message

President Barack Obama’s former press secretary Robert Gibbs faulted Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign for failing to have a dynamic economic message that applied to working class voters, and ridiculed the suggestion that voters voted for Donald Trump because they were racists.

“The truth is, the party didn’t have an economic message,” Gibbs said. “The party didn’t fight in places that it should have.”

Gibbs, who now works for McDonalds as the Global Chief Communications officer, explained that his biggest surprise was that Clinton failed so badly in Michigan, pointing out that Obama won the state by 16 points in 2008 and 10 points in 2012…..

Full Story Here:

Robert Gibbs: It Wasn’t Racism, Hillary Lost Because She Had No Economic Message – Breitbart

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