Former Producers and Guests Dish Dirt on MSNBC Host That Runs Toxic And Abusive Work Environment

You may not be surprised that this MSNBC host is accused of running a toxic and abusive show environment. Even with the freedom that has come from the #metoo movement, there are still a lot of people are afraid of what this host could and would do to their careers. Based on how he performs live, and the meltdowns that have been public, it will seem perfectly natural that this article is about Chris Matthews. Here are the sordid details.

As Written and Reported by Amber Athey for the Daily Caller:

MSNBC Host Chris Matthews runs an at times openly derisive and brazenly sexist news operation that has led at least some staffers to describe themselves as victims of “battered wives syndrome,” according to three of his show’s guests and two former producers who spoke exclusively to The Daily Caller.

Two former NBC producers independently alleged Matthews would rate the looks of his female guests on a scale and said Matthews was so abusive that staff joked about being battered women. The interviews in total paint Matthews as a tyrant liable to fly off the handle at the slightest mistake, who was eager to objectify women and made inappropriate sexual comments appear to be a matter of course for someone in his position.

Both former NBC producers requested anonymity out of concern for their future careers. One is actively seeking a job in media and the other still works closely with MSNBC. One expressed fears about being labeled a “troublemaker” and cited the string of former Fox News women who have all but disappeared from television.

“Sadly, I know other women who won’t even be an anonymous source regarding Chris [Matthews] because they’re that concerned about the door closing on career opportunities in media,” the producer concluded.

According to the two producers, whose….


Sources: Chris Matthews Runs A Toxic And Abus | The Daily Caller

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