Former SECDEF Panetta Calls on Waiver for Gen. Mattis

Leon Panetta comes out in favor of a waiver for General Mattis. Panetta is a former Secretary of Defense under President Obama. He has worked with the General in the past and knows well the attributes of General Mattis. This is high praise, indeed. However, you will still find the nay sayers on the left side of the aisle. They will obstruct President-Elect Trump at every turn. 

As Written by Joe Crowe for Newsmax:

Leon Panetta, the former secretary of Defense under President Barack Obama, said retired Marine Gen. James N. Mattis should get the waiver required to serve, and he should also get the job.

Panetta provided the praise for Mattis in a Washington Post interview with Josh Rogin.

“It’s important that the Congress, in the process of providing that waiver, makes sure that Jim Mattis understands that he has to play a role, not just on the military side, but also on the civilian side. I think he does,” Panetta said in the interview.

Panetta praised Mattis for speaking his mind when necessary.

“Sometimes his attitude rubbed some people in the White House the wrong way, because he was aggressive. It never made him hesitate to keep saying what he believed was necessary. You wanted Jim Mattis in the room, because he speaks truth to power.”

Mattis has experience in Defense Department policy and management, as well as diplomatic experience with U.S. allies, according to Panetta, who led the Pentagon while Mattis was head of Central Command……


Full Story Here:

Ex-Defense Sec. Panetta Calls on Waiver for Gen. Mattis

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