Former US Defense Secretary found top Obama national-security aides ‘dangerously naive’

This is not a surprise to most Americans, but you need to read what he said.


By Pamela Engel for Business Insider:

A former US defense secretary who served under four presidents referred the young aides on US President Barack Obama’s national-security and foreign-policy teams as “dangerously naive” in an article published on Thursday in Politico magazine.

The article describes the disillusionment of many of Obama’s top advisers who feel that the president’s rhetoric has not matched up to his policies, especially in the Middle East.

“Many Obama supporters started out believing that the president had grand ambitions for replacing George W. Bush’s militaristic posture with a more enlightened and progressive approach to the world before coming to believe they had misread a president who was not the idealistic internationalist they had thought he was,” Michael Crowley wrote for the magazine.

He continued: “In hindsight, it seems clear that Obama came to office far more focused on showing the world that the Bush era was over than on any coherent strategy of his own for advancing human rights or democracy.”

The article portrays Obama’s younger staff members as idealistic foils to the older and more experienced foreign-policy hands like ……


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