Free speech protector and FEC commissioner to step down

FEC commissioner Leo Goodman will be leaving his post on February 16th. The commissioner has been a great supporter of the freedom of speech. He has stood against the Democrats on the commission who would stifle conservative speech on the internet.  That was during a time when the Democrats controlled the Commission and tried to impose all their “fairness” ideas onto the internet. He was also a supporter of repealing the Net Neutrality Act as was President Trump. This will allow the internet to grow at a more rapid pace and will let the market sort things out.

Here is a video of his appearance at CPAC.

As Written and Reported By Paul Bedard for the Washington Examiner:

Lee E. Goodman, who led a battle to stop Democrats from imposing political regulations on the Internet and news sites like the Drudge Report and other media, is stepping down from the Federal Election Commission.

Goodman, an elections lawyer and adviser, plans to leave Feb. 16. He will join the political law group of Wiley Rein in Washington.

“Serving the American people as a commissioner of the Federal Election Commission has been a profound honor,” he said in a resignation letter to President Trump.

For years, Goodman has been a tireless voice for First Amendment rights on the internet. He has blocked several flagrant and subtle efforts by FEC Democrats to impose regulations on conservative media, the internet, and major websites like Fox, the Drudge Report, Facebook, and Twitter.

“Since the agency’s inception, the Federal Election Commission’s unique mandate to respect the core constitutional rights of citizens acting, speaking and associating for democratic purposes has provoked criticism from those who disagree with the balance drawn,” he wrote Trump.

“But protecting First Amendment rights is an……


FEC commissioner who blocked regulation of Drudge, Internet, steps down

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