GA Senator DEMANDS Investigation for Patrick Kennedy and everyone involved 

Apparently the Wikileaks revelation of Patrick Kennedy trying to get the FBI to called a Hillary Clinton email ‘unclassified’ is enough for one Senator. Senator David Perdue of Georgia is calling for an investigation of everyone involved in this attempt to protect Hillary. It is refreshing for someone, anyone, to be taking this stuff seriously. Investigate on, Senator Perdue and good hunting.

As Written By Christian Datoc for Daily Caller:

Senator David Perdue is calling for an investigation into State Department Undersecretary Patrick Kennedy “and everyone involved in” Hillary Clinton’s ongoing email scandal.

Perdue — chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations State Department and USAID Management Subcommittee — blasted Kennedy for attempting to “pressure” FBI agents into changing the classification level of information found on Clinton’s private server.

“The careless and calculated behavior we have seen from then-Secretary Hillary Clinton and her allies at the State Department is appalling,” the Georgia Republican said in a statement…..

Full Story Here:

Perdue Statement Calling For Patrick Kennedy Investigation | The Daily Caller

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