Gates Charges President Obama with DOUBLECROSS

Robert Gates, the former Secretary of defense under President Barack Obama, has revealed that he felt double-crossed over the Pentagon budget. It is felt by many experts that the Defense budget has been cut to the point of hollowing out our Armed Forces. Mr Gates reveals that the cuts he made were on a promise that it would be all. The President then came back and demanded more. It appears that the cuts were used to fund entitlement programs and to further the progressive agenda. National security has been placed on the block too many times for this to be allowed to continue. News Photo
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As Written By JONAH BENNETT, at The Daily Caller:

Former Defense Sec Says Obama ‘Double-Crossed’ Him.

Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Friday in an interview on Fox News that President Barack Obama “double-crossed” him.

Obama pledged to Gates there would be no major changes to the Pentagon budget, Gates explained. That promise, however, was quickly broken. Obama instructed Gates to slash billions of dollars even though Gates had already cut the defense budget down by a significant amount, The Hill reports.

“I guess I’d have to say I felt double-crossed,” Gates said. “After all those years in Washington, I was naïve.”

Gates tried to persuade Obama that deep cuts to the Pentagon would endanger U.S. troops and was inadvisable because potential threats were increasing, not decreasing. The world was becoming more unsafe, not safer.


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