Gen. Mattis Tells War Stories Worth Remembering

As Secretary of Defense, Gen. Mattis has the undivided attention of the troops when he is in the field with them.Like any good warrior, he has a ton of stories that he can share with them. Some of the stories that are related here re now comical or very ironic. Other stories are interesting peeks into the history of our nation. They also reveal the character of the man in charge of National Defense. You will like these stories.

As Written and Reported By Saagar Enjeti for the Daily Caller:

Secretary of Defense James Mattis opens up with war stories to troops in the field under little media scrutiny, the Associated Press reports.

The AP accompanied Mattis on several trips by the defense secretary abroad witnessing him dispense stories from his nearly 40 years in uniform as a U.S. Marine. “My name is Mattis, and I work at the Department of Defense,” the secretary reportedly said, introducing himself to Marines stationed at naval station Guantanamo Bay.

Mattis recounted a time he was hiking in the Sierra Nevada mountains when he was suddenly called upon:

He recalled how he was hiking with his Marines in the Sierra Nevadas in August 1990 when he got word to report with his men to the nearest civilian airport. Iraq’s Saddam Hussein had just invaded Kuwait, and the Marines were needed to hold the line in Saudi Arabia.

In another cruel twist, the defense secretary told troops this memory:

Mattis recalled sitting in the back of a room at the Pentagon in June 2001 while senior political appointees of the new George W. Bush administration fired questions at a military briefer about where they should expect to see the most worrisome security threats. At one point, Mattis said, the briefer said confidently that amid all the uncertainty, the one place the U.S. definitely would not be fighting was Afghanistan.

“Five and a half months later, I was shivering in Afghanistan,” Mattis…..


Mattis Tells Troops His War Stories | The Daily Caller

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