General Mattis explains why no North Korean missile shot down … yet [Video]

The Secretary of Defense, General Jim Mattis explained why no North Korean missiles had been shot down. North Korea has been saber-rattling their nuclear capabilities and missile expertise for quite some time. Recently, they have launched missiles that passed over the Nation of Japan. Japan is our key ally in the Far East. There is an implied and spoken threat against the United States possession, the island of Guam where there is a large  American military presence. 

The launching of these missiles by Kim Jong Un has been a serious issue for the United States, Japan, China, and Russia. The United Nations has implemented more sanctions against the Un regime. The sanctions seem to be of to little avail, with the petty dictator getting shriller and shriller in his threats against the United States and President Trump. Anytime a rogue nation, led by a rogue dictator, keeps ramping it up, at some point, he will be taken at his word and held accountable. Japan is already debating whether or not they can legally take preemptive military action.

So, why has SECDEF not pulled the trigger and blown one of these “test shot” missiles out of the air? He says that, so far, they are not a threat. Is it possible he knows a lot more about what is going on than we know? Most likely.

As Written By Travis J. Tritten for the Washington Examiner:

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said Monday that the U.S. hasn’t tried to shoot down any of North Korea’s missiles because none of them has posed a threat to the U.S.

“No. 1, those missiles are not directly threatening any of us,” Mattis told reporters at the Pentagon

“Obviously, Japan’s missile defenses are up and their radars are operating. Ours are,” he said.

Mattis indicated that North Korea seems to be running missile testing exercises that fall just short of warranting more aggressive responses from the U.S……….


Jim Mattis explains why the US isn’t shooting down North Korean missiles

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