General Mattis: More Than a Mad Dog

President-Elect Donald Trump’s Secretary of Defense, Retired General James Mattis, is not fond of the term “Mad Dog.” It was given to him for his performance in the battle for the city of Fallujah during the Iraq war. He has other nicknames, The Warrior Monk and Chaos, that speak to other aspects of his personality and leadership style. I can hardly wait for his press conferences.

As Written By David Krayden for the Daily Caller:

“My belief is we have to stay focused on a military so lethal that on a battlefield it will be an enemy’s longest day and worst day when they run into that force. … My concern is with the readiness of the force.”  Gen. James Mattis

Good Lord!  When’s the last time you heard a general talk like that?  Norman Schwarzkopf?  Alexander Haig?  William Westmoreland?  Maybe George Patton.  Gen. James Mattis faced his Senate inquisitors this week – and ran right over them.

Mattis is President-elect Donald Trump’s nominee for defence secretary.  I can’t think of a better pick.  Leave it to former defence secretary and one-time senator William Cohen, who opened the hearing on Thursday, to set the stage for that hearing.  He said although “mad dog” might be a fine moniker for Mattis, a more accurate title might be “brave heart.”  Praise indeed, sir.

The weedy lefties tried to make him look like a Neanderthal on women and  homosexuality in the military.  The answer at the top of this column was the best response I can…..


Bring On The Mad Dog | The Daily Caller

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