Georgia becomes ‘border state’ for violent illegal immigrants

By Aaron Diamant for WSB TV

ATLANTA – Of the 386,485 unauthorized immigrants removed from the United States in 2013, 222,972 of them – 60% – had at least prior removal.  42,116 of the total unauthorized immigrants removed that year had been convicted of an aggravated felony. Of those felons, 27,159 had been removed before. That’s 64%.
Among the aggravated felons who had been removed at least once before were 281 killers, 178 kidnappers, 1149 sex criminals and thousands convicted on drug charges.
Diamant took those numbers to Jessica Vaughn with the Center for Immigration Studies in Washington, D.C.
“My first reaction when I saw the results of your analysis was wow,” said Vaughn. “Those absolute numbers are huge.”
Vaughn studies these kind of number for her job. Still, she was surprised.
“I’ve never looked at the data the very same way, and I don’t think anybody else has either,” Vaughn added.
The data showed Georgia ranked first in deportations among all non-border states, and fourth overall behind only Texas, Arizona and California.
In Georgia, federal authorities deported 7120 unauthorized immigrants in fiscal year 2013.



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