Geraldo ‘Loses It’ Over Questions On Trump’s Mental Fitness [Video]

[VIDEO] Sometimes you just cannot predict which side of an issue Fox News contributor Geraldo Rivera is going to come down on. In this case, Mr. Rivera makes it perfectly clear that the President is perfectly fit for the office of President. Geraldo then gives empirical evidence to back up his support for Donald Trump. His feelings about those in the media and in the Democrat Party and their tactics are also perfectly clear. Enjoy the short video.

As Written and Reported By Jessica Chasmar for the Washington Times:

Geraldo Rivera fiercely defended President Trump against accusations of mental incompetency Friday morning, saying the president has never been more capable and “intellectually in charge of himself” than he is now.

Appearing on “Fox & Friends,” Mr. Rivera was asked to weigh in on reports that politicians and mental health experts are openly questioning the mental fitness of Mr. Trump.

“That infuriates me,” Mr. Rivera responded. “It is a slander, low-down and dirty. It is absolutely false.”

“This man is as lucid, and as intelligent, and as in intellectually in charge of himself as he has ever been,” Mr. Rivera continued.

“If you look at the learning curve of this man in the first year of his office, and look now how his business acumen and his ability to cheerlead and to encourage and to be the charismatic central focus has taken the American economy from a kind of lackluster, mediocre, kind of wishy washy — President Obama did a fine job in helping recover from the …..


Geraldo Rivera excoriates questions of Trump’s mental fitness: It is ‘low-down and dirty’ slander – Washington Times


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