Get Ready California, Hold On Tight! [Video]

Acting Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director Homan has decided to take the sanctuary city law head-on. The Governor of California, Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown got his law passed so that he could be in open defiance of President Trump and the laws of the land.

Director Homan has some words of advice for California. He has told them to just ‘Hang on” and they would see more agents than they thought possible. He promised that ICE would protect the citizens of California regardless of what their leadership did not do for them.

As Written and Reported By Carlos Garcia for The Blaze:

Acting Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director Homan slammed California for their “sanctuary city” policies that went into effect January 1, 2018.

“Well look if he thinks he’s protecting the immigrant community, he’s doing quite the opposite, because if you think ICE is going away, we’re not,” Homan said of California Governor Jerry Brown.

“There’s no sanctuary from federal law enforcement, as a matter of fact, we’re in the process now, I’m going to significantly increase our enforcement presence in California,” he explained. “We’re already doing it. We’re going to detail additional enforcement assets to California.”

“California better hold on tight – they’re about to see a lot more special agents,” he added, “a lot more deportation orders in the state of California.”

“If the politicians in California don’t want to protect their communities, then ICE will.”

Homan went on to claim that the “street cops” in California are completely against the sanctuary state law, and offered an example of an illegal alien that committed murder after a city ignored a detention request from ICE.

“We’re gonna be all over the place, and we’re going to enforce the law without apology,” he continued……..

Here’s the interview from Fox News:


‘California better hold on tight!’ – ICE director slams ‘sanctuary state’ law – TheBlaze

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