“Get your baby parts here!” Planned Parenthood “fetal donation” business steams along unabated

As Written By Joe Herring

Nearly two years have passed since the world learned of Planned Parenthood’s repugnant (and profitable!) business practice of selling fetal tissue and organs harvested from the torn bodies of aborted children.

Cries of outrage ensued, from both politicians and citizens.  Demands for the investigation and prosecution of the obvious illegality revealed by the “sting” videos released by the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) came quickly, however the abortion lobby and their near-religious devotees began a concerted effort to evade meaningful scrutiny.

Calling on their allies in elected office and their myriad camp-followers in the national media to create and push a counter narrative, Planned Parenthood boldly claimed that our eyes and ears had deceived us – the videos were a hoax.

The subjects, caught red-handed violating federal and state laws against trafficking in human body parts, were “taken out of context,” through “selective editing.”  This, from Planned Parenthood President, Cecile Richards, soon became the liturgy for the Church of “move-along-nothing-to-see-here-folks,” recited religiously by the leftist faithful.

Never mind that CMP also released the unedited videos to coincide with the “highlight” videos, permitting anyone with a shred of intellectual honesty/curiosity to see for themselves that context was scrupulously preserved and editing was for time only, not content; putting the lie to Ms. Richard’s unconscionable denials.

While pro-life advocates across the nation pushed their representatives to defund Planned Parenthood, the businesses, politicians and true-believers of the pro-abortion movement quietly undercut these efforts.  

The Democrat Party and their Presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, gave full-throated endorsements of Planned Parenthood, pledging to fight any attempt to investigate or withdraw funding for the abortion mill.

The hideous nature of the videos shocked many, but also prevented many others from watching for themselves.  Unable to stomach the visual depictions of a decidedly medieval procedure, most relied on summaries of the videos written by others.  

Having seen every video firsthand, I cannot overstate the visceral revulsion that welled up inside of me with each passing frame.  Worse yet, I cannot shake the horror that comes from witnessing fellow human beings behaving in such a dispassionately depraved and repugnant fashion.  Summaries cannot substitute for firsthand witness.

As I wrote at the time, had these videos been recorded by animal rights activists depicting similar treatment of puppies and kittens, there would not be left standing a single brick of any facility involved.

But unborn children fall much farther down the social-justice ladder than animals, and the story of gruesome venality soon fell from the front pages before dissipating entirely.

Now, the only mention of this entire affair comes when the politically-motivated prosecutors in various states take turns indicting the head of CMP and those staff involved in recording the videos for “invading the privacy of medical providers by filming without consent.”

Similar charges were filed and defeated in Texas, but have now been filed in California, seeking criminal convictions on 15 felony counts.

To our shame, after two years all America has managed to do is shoot the messenger.

[About the author: Joe Herring is a freelance writer based in Omaha, Nebraska.  He welcomes visitors and comments to his website at www.dailyherring.com]


Here is the latest videos released today.



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