Glaring omission in Hillary Clinton popularity decline story

Hillary Clinton’s favorability rating has been on the skids as of late and CNN’s Chris Cillizza posted an apologetic piece about that story. Not sure that this is an important story anymore, however, here it is. Chris postulated four reasons for the decline. I couple of the reasons he thinks that matter, may have had some impact on her ratings. There is one missing that most anyone with a brain capable or independent thought would notice. Read all about it here.

As Written and Reported By John Sexton for Hot Air:

CNN’s Chris Cillizza published a piece today offering four possible explanations for the decline in Hillary Clinton’s popularity. In case you missed this story, Allahpundit noted yesterday that Hillary is at her lowest favorability rating ever according to Gallup, just 36 percent. Cillizza promises four theories but he really only offers three as you’ll see in a moment. But what may be most interesting is what is absent from his list: Any mention of the current national moment on sexual harassment and how that might be impacting views of Hillary and her husband.

Here are Cillizza’s four explanation with a snippet of what he wrote about each:

  1. The 2016 race has never really ended – “Trump talks about his “electoral landslide” on an, at least, weekly basis — ensuring that people never forget about what all sides agree was an incredibly nasty campaign.”
  2. Clinton isn’t sorry – “The publicity tour around Clinton’s memoir of the campaign — “What Happened?” — had a very clear message from Clinton: Yes, I lost. But, it’s wasn’t entirely (or even close to entirely) my fault.”
  3. She is the last Republican boogeyman – “Her numbers among Democrats are virtually unchanged from 6 months ago — 79% approval then, 78% now. But, her numbers among Republicans, which were never good, have fallen even further; just 5% of …..


Guess what’s missing from CNN’s list of theories for Hillary Clinton’s sinking favorability – Hot Air Hot Air

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