Globalism took a HUGE hit in France

After the dust from the French primary has settled, only two candidates emerged to continue to the runoff election. Emmanuel Macron has been pro-NATO, pro-European Union, pro-US and anti-Putin. Marine Le Pen of the National Front placed second and is the negative image of Macron. Neither is a member of traditional parties. Emmanuel Macron will certainly be the winner in the runoff. That will leave globalism and Mr. Putin out in the cold. Read about these impacts here.

As Written By Ralph Peters for New York Post:

Even in today’s embittered, conflict-ridden world, the news is sometimes plain good. That was the case after Sunday’s first-round vote for president in France. Of the top four contenders, only one, Emmanuel Macron, has been pro-NATO, pro-European Union, pro-US and anti-Putin. He also had the audacity to tell the French they actually have to work, if they want a stronger economy.

And he won.

After the second-round vote is held May 7, Macron will become the next president of France’s Fifth Republic, which a number of his opponents hoped to destroy. For five more years, the West will maintain a united front against barbarism.

Macron’s 23.7 percent of the first-round vote won’t sound impressive to Americans, especially given that pro-Putin, anti-American, anti-Semitic, anti-NATO, anti-EU bigot Marine Le Pen of the National Front placed second, with 21.7 percent of the vote. But there were 11 candidates running, with four front-runners and a dark horse in fifth place.

The overall stunner was that the traditional parties both were shut out of the final round for the first time in generations. Their party machines guaranteed a die-hard, first-round vote for their candidates but were left to throw their remaining weight behind Macron.

The upstart challenger will defeat Le Pen in a landslide May 7. A banker who’d never before led a campaign and who briefly served in the……


The French vote was a win for the West — and a loss for Putin | New York Post

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