Goebbels Would Be So Proud

Hitler’s propagandist, Josef Gobbels, was the master of the propaganda lie. Lies were used by the Nazi leaders to shape public opinion and hide the truth. It is apparent that the Obama propagandists, Josh Earnest, and his leaders have no qualms going down the same path. The redacted and edited 911 calls from the Orlando shooter are empirical evidence that no lie is too big if it will shape the narrative and fit the goals of the progressive socialist Presidency. They think that we are all that stupid and uninformed. Maybe their followers are, but not you. Read more below.


As Written By D.W. Wilber for Townhall:

In the mid to late 1930s and throughout the World War II years, the Nazi Minister of Propaganda Josef Goebbels helped the German National Socialist Party spread their message to the German people. Goebbels was a master of propaganda, helping create the environment in Germany that eventually led to the later crimes against humanity committed by the Nazi leadership.

The German people were fed a steady stream of whatever message the Nazi Party wanted them to receive. During the war most Germans knew that the Jews and other “undesirables” were being abused, but the true horror of the death camps was for the most part kept from them. Aside from the rumors many Germans heard, the fact is that only those who lived near or worked at one of the concentration camps themselves had any idea of the true nature of the atrocities being committed within those barbed-wired enclosures.

What happened in Germany during and after World War II was partly the result of an unwillingness to know or admit the truth, and something akin to a form of ‘national amnesia’. Created and exemplified by Josef Goebbels and the Nazi Propaganda Ministry’s efforts to justify the horrific crimes that were being done all in the name of German national security.

The current ‘Ministry of Propaganda’ under the Obama administration has taken the art ……

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Josef Goebbels Would Be Proud – D.W. Wilber

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