GOLUB: Dems celebrating ACA have forgotten the 1994 gun control law

Article by Eric Golub for CommDigiNews:

The United States Supreme Court delivering a victory for the Obama administration was unsurprising. Chief Justice John Roberts has gone out of his way to avoid overturning the Affordable Care Act.

Determined to inoculate the SCOTUS from charges of being political, Judge Roberts delivered a political opinion rather than a legal one. While Democrats hailed the ruling, they may have won a Pyrrhic victory.

President Obama immediately did what he does, which is declare an end to all discussion. The myth of Obamacare as settled law is exactly that. No law is ever settled. No law can survive when it goes against the will of the people.

Even laws favored by the people can face challenges from a determined hostile minority that refuses to give up. Obamacare? No.

Wisconsin Democrats are still trying to overturn Governor Scott Walker’s collective bargaining law. Walker won three elections in four years including a recall. Attempts to vote the judges out of office failed. Democrats have not given up. Gay marriage bans swept the nation in 2004. The issue played a major role in helping reelect President George W. Bush. The left did not accept the issue as settled.

42 years after Roe vs. Wade was decided, new laws to limit and expand abortion rights are passed in different states. Neither side ever considers the issue settled. The craziest fringe left still stay awake at night hoping to find pregnant chads that will make Al Gore President and send Bush to prison.

While Democrats won a clear legal victory in the latest Supreme Court ruling, it has already come at a steep political price. The last time Democrats …….



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