GOP Debate Questions Fox News Should Be Asking Tonight!

The first GOP debate is tonight. There are many people on the stage and not enough time to cover all the issues.

If you could put your own list of questions in play, what would you ask and who would you ask it of?

Are these questions in your list?

If not, what would you ask?

  1. Will You As A President, undo all the Unconstitutional Acts By Barack Hussein Obama?

  2. Is there any act or executive order forced upon America by Obama that you would not undo? What is it?

  3. Would you prosecute Hillary Clinton?

  4. Would You Personally Get To The Bottom Of What Happened In Benghazi

  5. How will you deal with Russian and Chinese expansionism?

  6. Will you rewrite the Iran nuke deal?

  7. What is your TOP concern for America?

  8. How will you support Israel and handle Muslim issues?

  9. How will you secure our borders?

  10. Why is Planned Parenthood protected? How or would you change this?

  11. How would you fix mandatory Obamacare?

  12. How would you fix sequestration?

  13. Is our military a hollow force?

  14. Should The Supreme Court Of The United States have term limits?

  15. Should The United States Congress have term limits?

  16. Can you get Congress to put out a real budget and on time?

  17. Should Confederate or ANY history be eradicated?

  18. How would you control the Environmental Protection Agency?

  19. How will you support Israel and handle Muslim issues?

  20. How will you immediately secure our borders?

  21. How and would you undo the Unconstitutional Net Neutrality?

  22. How would your Tax Reform plan help the unemployed and the working people in this country? (submitted by Travis Russell Hughes)

  23. How will you save Social Security? (submitted by Tommy Lee on FB)

  24. How will you reduce the size of government? (submitted by Joe Maher on FB)

  25. What is the maximum percentage of the earned dollar that can be subject to federal, state, local sales and income tax? Can we get a number please? (Submitted by Steve Carey on FB)

  26. How Do You Feel About Individual Liberty? (Submitted by @NYTexanPatriot on Twitter)


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