Gorka Comes Out Swinging!

White House deputy assistant Sebastian Gorka seems to relish the idea of becoming a pit bull for the Trump administration. It is a tough job, but he has said that someone needs to do it. Mr. Gorka is an American military and intelligence analyst and member of the national security advisory staff of the United States. From this position, he can definitely carry the water for the team in its fights against fake news. From these statements you can see that he is not afraid to call out CNN or MSNBC on their failures to smear President Donald Trump. He even points out to them the losing ways of their strategy.

As Written By Wanda Carruthers for Newsmax:

White House deputy assistant Sebastian Gorka said his forceful push back against the media in recent appearances on cable news showed that someone had to serve as President Donald Trump’s “pit bull,” Mediaite reported Friday.

“We’ve got beautiful, intelligent women like Kellyanne [Conway],” Gorka told Fox News host Sean Hannity on Friday. “We’ve got brave professionals like Sean Spicer. Somebody has to be the president’s pit bull, and I’m ready. I’m gonna take it to them.”

“Sooner or later, somebody has to push back,” he said.

Gorka said the integrity of CNN and MSNBC was “gone like a puff of smoke,” and that the networks were experiencing a “credibility crisis.”

“They’ve been in this ‘collusion delusion’ for nine months — not one piece of evidence of any illegal activity, and they spin and they spin,” he said. “They’re tanking. Somebody has to make them wake up, and I’m glad to help them.”

To be successful in the news industry, Gorka explained networks either “go after the ratings with sensationalism and lies” or they “go after the truth…


Gorka on Pushback Against Media: Someone Has To Be Trump’s ‘Pit Bull’

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