Gorka: What President Trump Needs To Do Right Now To Fully Destroy ISIS

Dr. Sebastian Gorka has his own estimates of what it will take to fully destroy the Dr. Sebastian Gorka. He warns President Donald Trump that although the physical State is pretty much destroyed, there is still much work to be done. 

In prepared testimony before a House panel, Mr. Gorka says that Islamists are still winning at what is called “netwar.” The internet is being successfully used to recruit and control operatives for ISIS. What sort of new resources does the President need?

As Written and Reported By Edmin Mora for Breitbart: 

WASHINGTON, DC — The Trump administration has “functionally destroyed” the “physical” Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) caliphate in the Middle East, but “the war is not over,” warned Dr. Sebastian Gorka, a former deputy assistant to the U.S. president, in written testimony prepared for a House panel hearing on Wednesday.

Various analysts, including Dr. Gorka, have suggested that the outcome of the anti-ISIS war will be determined online ultimately, where the jihadist group has the edge over the United States and its allies.

During the House Oversight and Government Reform Subcommittee on National Security hearing, Dr. Gorka testified:

Less than 3 years ago ISIS was the most powerful jihadist organization in the world, having eclipsed Al Qaeda. ISIS controlled vast areas in more than 3 nations, with operational affiliates in 15 more. It was making $2 million a day, had 6 million humans on its territory, and had re-established the physical theocratic Caliphate, the first ever group to do so since the last Caliphate was dissolved in 1924.

Today, none of the above it true, with the physical caliphate functionally destroyed. This is a direct result of the new Defeat ISIS (D-ISIS) strategy put in place by the Trump Administration … But the ……


Gorka: Trump Needs ‘Much Larger Counter-Propaganda Effort’ to Destroy Islamic State


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