Gorka: Why Extreme Vetting Is ‘Hugely Important’ 

Why is it important that Middle Eastern immigrants vetting be to the “extreme?” If you have not been paying attention to current events, there is a culture of radical jihadists emanating from that region who want nothing more than to bring harm to our nation. You can hear the social justice warriors screaming about stereotyping and how wrong it is. It may be severe but it is logcal. Watch Dr. Sebastian Gorka’s thoughts about this and read more below.

As Written By John Hayward for Breitbart:

On Thursday night, Breitbart News National Security Editor Dr. Sebastian Gorka, author of the best-selling book Defeating Jihad: The Winnable War, appeared on Fox News’ “The O’Reilly Factor” to discuss presidential candidate Donald Trump’s proposal for “extreme vetting” of immigrants.

Dr. Gorka called it a “hugely important idea.”

“Before I had the honor of becoming an American citizen, I had to come to America on the visa waiver program,” he recalled. “You fill out a little green form on the plane, and one of the things it asks you is, ‘Have you ever been a member of the National Socialist Party of Germany?’ So we’re asking people right now, in 2016, if they were Nazis. I get it. I get it. But why aren’t we asking them if they’re connected to al-Qaeda, to ISIS, to the Muslim Brotherhood? This is what Donald Trump is talking about.”

Gorka conceded that few active members of ISIS are likely to identify themselves as such on a visa questionnaire, but he noted that “if you lie on a federal form, you’re starting a paper trail.”

“It’s really important. You’ve got to make the connection. You’ve got to find those people who don’t share the values that Americans share. You’ve got to look at what they actually have as their guiding ideology,” he said.

“This is a war against a totalitarian …….

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Dr. Sebastian Gorka: Extreme Vetting Is ‘Hugely Important’ to ‘Find Those People Who Don’t Share the Values That Americans Share’ – Breitbart

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