Gorsuch suffers another false news attack and it just got DEBUNKED!

Politico sinks to it normal for them, fake news attack on Supreme Court Nominee Neil Gorsuch. This time Politico ginned up a false narrative about the Judge plagiarizing in his book. It is a legal review book. Facts are facts and it is hard to present them in any other way. It is not whether or not he did it, Politico doesn’t care. What IS important is for Politico to bring the charge and impugn His Honor’s honor. Just despicable.  

As Written By Peter Hasson for the Daily Caller:

A college professor who accused Neil Gorsuch of committing plagiarism admitted in her previous work that what he did isn’t plagiarism.

Syracuse professor Rebecca Moore Howard was cited by Politico in an article accusing Neil Gorsuch of wrongdoing because a brief passage in his book bears similar phrases and primary sources from a law review article. The Politico article was criticized both by academics and journalists as a low-effort attack on the Supreme Court nominee. Politico has since admitted it was “provided” the documents and “did not conduct a full examination of the federal judge’s writings.”

Howard told Politico that Gorsuch committed “heavy patchwriting,” which Politico described as “essentially patching together words, fact sequences and quotes from another source, but occasionally changing up phrasing and tenses.” Gorsuch, Howard claimed, “hides his sources, which gives the appearance of a very deliberate method.”

“I would certainly call it ……


Experts: No, Neil Gorsuch Didn’t Commit Plagiarism | The Daily Caller

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