Governor Walker Deals Another Blow to WI Labor Unions 

Who would have thought that Governor Scott Walker would have such a successful run as governor? It is apparent that the voters of Wisconsin have scored big. Organized labor is not so enthusiastic. They no longer control the bidding process for government contracts. This new legislation will save some taxpayer dollars. 

As Written By Ted Goodman for the Daily Caller:

Wisconsin Republican Gov. Scott Walker signed legislation that prevents local governments from requiring contractors to hire union labor for publicly-funded construction projects.

Walker signed the legislation, which passed along party lines in February, at a local distributor of construction materials in De Pere, Wis., according to the Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel. The governor and Wisconsin Republicans have blasted project labor agreements as a waste of taxpayer dollars.

“By forbidding state and local governments from requiring contractors to enter into agreements with labor organizations, we’re promoting healthy competition between contractors,” Gov. Walker said in a statement Monday. “This means the contractor ultimately chosen for the project is the one that has demonstrated excellent service and will work at good value for Wisconsin taxpayers,” he continued.

The legislation, Senate Bill 3, prohibits state and local governments from requiring a bidder on a public works project to enter into an agreement with a labor organization. The bill also prohibits local and state governments from considering whether or not the bidder has entered into a labor agreement as a factor when awarding a…….


Scott Walker Deals Another Blow To Wisconsin Labor Unions | The Daily Caller

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